The Office

The tradition of the office Konstantinos Mantalenakis begins with the father Stylianos Mantalenakis from 1949 and continues till today.

Our philosophy is the continuous improvement in every level so that  can provide to our patients the most modern techniques with the most advanced tools and machines.

We have foreseen a special space of sterilization with the most modern machinery according to international regulations for the sterilization of every tool and material that is being used.

For the decontamination of the space and the surfaces, special disinfectants are being used according to the specifications of the European Community. Furthermore, for the decontamination of the surgery area there is a special machine that decontaminates the space.

In order to limit radiation we use digital intraoral Xray and digital panoramic Xray for the depiction of the jaws and the TMJ.

Through continuous education in foreign centers on the topic of Osseointegrated Implants and regrowth techniques of the bone and the soft tissues we have concluded to microintervening techiques that limit post-surgical problems of the patient such as pain and edema.

We have integrated to our protocol the Immediate Loading technique, which is the placement of the prosthetic part 1-4 days after the placement of the implant ,whenever the circumstances allow it. An important tool that help us as a guide, is the digital exploration of the jaws with the most advanced software.

Through cooperation with the research center Anitua in Spain, we use autologous growth factors (PRGF®), which are factors of the patient himself that can be used for the reconstruction of the bone and soft tissues restricting the need of allo-xeno-grafts, limiting pain and edema.

For complete control and in the toughest regions that there is the need of special lightening and great magnification in order to recognize important anatomical elements we use Surgical Microscope ZEISS with XENON light.

Behind and after everything we do there is a never ending love for knowledge but as well consistency and interest for the patient that trusts us.

Our office is the only center in Greece recognized by the  International Biotechnological Institute. (Διεθνές Ινστιτούτο Βιοτεχνολογίας.)

Διεθνές Ινστιτούτο Βιοτεχνολογίας