After a dental implantation

Do not disturb the operated area. Avoid mouth washes or touching the operated area on the same day.

In some cases a healing abutment will be protruded through the gums.


Usually there is no bleeding. The presence of traces of blood in the saliva is normal and stops after 24 hours. More blood can be controlled by the placement of a sponge (gauze or cotton) in the area of bleeding, the sponge must be bitten for 30 minutes steadily. If the bleeding persists call us for instructions.


Edema is the physiological consequence of a surgery. To limit the edema place an ice bag on the area of intervention every other 10 minutes for the first 36 hours. (10 minutes on/10 minutes off).


Drink lots of liquids. Avoid hot and spicy foods. Soft diet the first day. Avoid chewing on the operated area until your doctor allows it. Return to your normal diet the soonest unless other instructions are given for your case.


It’s better to start taking painkillers before the anesthetic wears off. For moderate pain Brufen 600mg is recommended every 12 hours. If you can’t take Brufen, then two  tablets of Depon 500mg every 4 hours are usually sufficient. Do not take these drugs if you are allergic to them.


According to your case, appropriate antibiotic coverage will be prescribed.

Oral Hygiene

A prerequisite for good healing is oral hygiene. The night after the operation use a mouthwash with Chlorexidine. The day after use it again after breakfast and once more before sleeping. Make sure you hold the mouthwash in your mouth for 30 seconds before spitting it. During the day perform mouthwashes (especially between meals) 2-3 times per day with tepid salted water (1 teaspoon salt in half a glass of water). During brushing be especially careful with the neighboring teeth of the operated area.


Keep physical activities to the minimum the first day. Avoid working out and any intense activities in the first days according to the extension of the operation and the instructions that were given to you.


DO NOT SMOKE in the first week after the operation. As it was explained to you smoking increases dramatically the chance of failure especially in bone grafts and sinus lifts.

Prosthetic Restorations

Partial and full dentures should not be placed immediately after the operation and at least for another 10 days.

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