After a surgical removal of an enclosed tooth

  • Bite the gauze that has been placed on the area that received surgery, with a steady pressure for 30-60 minutes. If after removing the gauze, you notice significant bleeding, wash off with cold salted water or with an antiseptic solution. Replace the gauze and bite tight for another 40 minutes.
  • Avoid mouthwashes
  • Avoid smoking and intense activities for the first two post-surgical days
  • The night after surgery sleep with an extra pillow and from the opposite side of the operated area, or in the supine position.
  • After surgery apply an ice pack for 10 minutes on the operated area and for the next 10 minutes relax. Repeat for 2-4 hours.
  • Post-surgical pain: You will feel pain 3-5 hours after surgery of the upper jaw, and 1-3 hours after surgeries of the lower jaw. Use the analgesic that has been instructed to you. Be careful for the period you are numb in the lips or tongue so you don’t bite them.
  • The next day of the operation you will swell in and outside of your mouth. It is a natural reaction of your body and it is called edema, Sometimes it is followed with an hematoma.
  • Diet: The 1st day you should eat pasty foods, cold or at room temperature (creams,puree, yogurt, ice cream etc.), as well as large quantities of liquids that are in room temperature or colder. From the 2nd day you can add steadily soft foods. From the 3rd day you can eat warm foods. Be careful during mastication, especially avoid chewing hard foods from the operated area.
  • Antibiotics are not necessary unless prescribed.
  • After 7 days, or more if the doctor finds it necessary, you should come after arranging a visit to remove the stitches.

The scrupulous respect of the above mentioned, as well as a good oral hygiene, lessen to the minimum the chances of unwanted situations to happen.

In case you would want any clarification, you develop a fever of 38 degrees C or more, or generally you feel something different please call us at 0030 6945876155.

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