Yes! Lasers have been widely used in dentistry as well as in other branches of medicine for many years and are considered completely safe, when correctly used. The use of laser beams is considered to be a more modern and trustworthy method for the therapeutic handling of various pathologies in the scope of oral maxillofacial surgery.

In most cases it does not. However in some it might be needed, depending on the type of intervention, type of laser and the patient himself.

Most patients don’t feel pain during laser interventions, while others report mild pain. This varies, depending from the patient.

We always care to use the correct technique and type of laser so that no pain during the treatment is ensured.

Except from the many benefits of laser dentistry like less time on the chair, less visits, less needles, most of the times no stitches, bigger comfort, your visit will be almost as before.

According to the type of laser in use, you will hear a sound during its operation, you might feel as well a spray of air or water. You and your dentist will wear protective glasses and during the operation time with laser, the door of the surgery room will be closed.

Dental lasers don’t involve complications such as pain, hemorrhage, swelling, stitches and numbness that follow traditional oral surgery procedures.

A dental laser can be used in many different procedures, on the bone, skin and gums. It provides the benefit of a blood free intervention, and provides a sterile environment by killing germs that come in contact with it.

All patients can benefit from the use of dental lasers. Especially for children, it is ideal.

Yes, surgical interventions with laser heal as fast as conventional surgery procedures and you might feel less post surgical pain. Laser surgery limits the appearance of scars when used intraorally or extraorally and minimizes the possibility of infections, as supported by many studies. The use of laser accomplishes a topical sterilization and as a result it limits bacterhemia that is often a result of conventional surgery that uses a blade. Most of the times in laser surgery there is no numbing, since anesthesia isn’t necessary, so you can go on with your daily activities.

Most patients find laser intervention very comfortable. Most times anesthesia isn’t even necessary. Patients that have been subjected to a laser, report that they feel its tip and a feeling of heat.

It is possible. Laser can “prepare” a tooth for filling placement. In some cases though, a drill might be needed. Most patients although don’t require anesthesia for this minimal use of the drill.


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